The Beetle is the leader of the Stash Riders and the gang's driver.


The Beetle's real name is Eliot (which is revealed in Bug Compass, a short story from "The Pixel Juice" collection). He attended the school for non-achievers along with the Scribble, who was three years younger than him.

Got addicted to cheap Tapewormer feathers, which cost him his looks. Was shot by Murdoch during the fight with a Mandel bullet. Died during the gang's escape from Uber's house.


Brutal, violent, dominant, alpha-male. Punished the gang members physically and forced them to take drugs. Desperately sought dreams as he'd never had his own.


Had black eyes and black hair, usually combed back and smeared with Vaz . Wore a black cord frock coat with a lot of pins and badges on it. Once used a dreamsnake's head as a decoration.




Bug CompassEdit


Polyamorous. Had sexual relationship with Bridget and Mandy . Constantly referred to the Scribble as "babe".