Desdemona, or Des for short, is Scribble's sister and incestuous lover.




Des has blonde hair and eyes like "juicy plums". She also has a dragon tattoo on her left upper arm.



She obtained an English Voodoo feather by chance, while trying to save a woman from the criminals. Desdemona and her brother ride this feather and during the trip Desdemona takes a Curious Yellow, one of the most dangerous feathers.


Desdemona is able to communicate with her brother from the Vurt via The Thing or feather trips or direct messages (since The Scribble can enter the Vurt featherless).

She is trapped in it until The Scribble saves her by a swap-back, staying in the Vurt and allowing her to return home.

She finds her way back into the real world and shares a house with Twinkle.

It appears she is 5 hours pregnant with Blush when she came down from the Yellow. She and Twinkle settled down in Bottletown and rose the child together, along with Twinkle's daughter Karletta.

Later on Desdemona supposedly had a male partner.





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